I am Jillian Robinson. I never thought I would be living in a city for four years, but here I am. You see, I grew up in rural Northeastern Pennsylvania and never really had much experience with urban life. I went to school at Bloomsburg University and met my now husband DJ and everything changed. He moved to Philadelphia and I followed. We tried the long distance relationship and found out that it does not work! Anyway, after living in four different places in four years, three of which were shared with other housemates, I am definitely ready to make this apartment our own. My loving husband puts up with my ongoing projects, inconsistent work schedule, and now grad school. We enjoy good beer, killer hamburgers, Netflix, and our summer vacation. I really miss the country, but sometimes when I cook a family recipe, look at photos of my nephews, walk the dog in the park, and apparently make several lists of things, it feels almost right, almost.