Thursday, April 21, 2011

our new burger place.. vegans & vegetarians beware

DJ and I have a problem. We love burgers. When we go to a new place that is supposed to have a good one, we must have it. For instance, we went to Kraftwork in Fishtown. This place had a huge tap list and a burger with duck fat and bacon jam (sorry vegan/vegetarian friends.) The burger was the best in the city...

...and then they screwed it all up. The burger is now sans duck fat and on a ciabatta roll (NOOOOO!). So DJ and I went in search of our new favorite burger place.

Our usual hangout place, Memphis Taproom, has a great burger. However, the temperature inconsistence and limit of toppings have tired us. The burger at Prohibition Taproom is great as well, but lacking. The burger at Sketch is messy goodness on a roll with rockin fries, but alas no tap. Our search continued.

Then we tried the burger at The Belgian Cafe. We have found a winner.

Their burger is moist, cooked to perfection, and comes with one of a list of amazing topping combinations. Bonus: their award winning fries. Seriously. They come with an aioli sauce that makes my mouth water just thinking about it. Second bonus: Monk's Flemmish Sour on tap all the time. Since this cafe is owned by Monk's I can be certain that they will have my favorite beer every time I need a burger fix. Probably the only downside is that it is in Fairmount. "Why the downside," you ask? PARKING! If you want to go there any time after 6, good luck finding a spot. I say go early and walk the beautiful streets while you work off your buzz.

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