Saturday, May 19, 2012

Trenton Ave Arts Fest and Kinetic Sculpture Derby

Today Chompsky and I went to the Trenton Ave Arts Fest and Kinetic Sculpture Derby! I was so excited that I almost forgot to take some snapshots. Here are a few highlights...

Such a beautiful day.
You can just see the Comcast building in the center of the photo.

Little Baby's Ice Cream!! So good!
So tempting! But we collect the brown glass ones.

The Kinetic Sculptures travel around the neighborhood and then drive through mud.
One of the sculptures. This one was blasting dance music.
Nice little three-seater.
Yards Brewing Company's mobile. I love the taps on the steering wheel!

A very tired Chompsky

Our spoils! T-shirt for me and a bandanna for DJ.

The weekend is off to a good start. Tomorrow, DJ and I are going to my nephew's first communion celebration. I am excited to see my family.

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