Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Things are new. This blog is new for instance. I have had old ones but going back to them just doesn't seem right for some reason because so much has changed. Right new stuff...

I am a newly wed as of June 27th. June bride. I live in a new(ish) city. I have lived in Philadelphia for a year. I live in a new house with my new husband and new housemates. I have the same job though but hope for a new one.

My life seems to revolve around the new thing. I have had this discussion with many friends (many of whom are new) When will the desire for the next new thing be satisfied. How long will I be okay with this step until I have to move onto the next. I have already shared the desire to get a new job. Is that to merely better myself or because these jobs are mundane? Too many questions for the first post. More getting to know me I guess.

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