Wednesday, September 2, 2009


I am sleep deprived. It is not as bad if I had a newborn, but more of a progressive loss. My husband and I are just not sleeping well together lately. It has not been a problem before. Maybe it is the change in the weather or the use of the extra blanket. Something has to change.

I have not had sleep affect me this much in years. Actually it has been since college. It is crazy how cranky and listless I get. Caffeine does not work well, and I cannot use energy drinks because of my migraines. Too bad there is not a human battery that I can plug into to recharge.

Rant aside, I love my husband. He cooked me breakfast and delivered my glass to my job when my contacts broke. I can count on him when things are down.

He made french toast and fresh brewed coffee. He is a good man.

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