Monday, February 15, 2010

King Cake

Happy Fat Tuesday/Mardi Gras/Carnival everybody!

I decided to celebrate by making a King Cake. It is a traditional dessert from the Big Easy. The cake is consumed on Fat Tuesday at a party and whoever gets the piece with the baby (a plastic baby or nut that is baked into the cake) is the king!

I looked around at some recipes on the internet, but realized that the cinnamon roll recipe that came with my bread machine was similar. I put the ingredients together and let the bread machine do its thing. Meanwhile I made some homemade food dye for the colored sugar.

Purple was made with blueberries, yellow with turmeric, and green with spinach
the green didn't work very well

After the dough was stuffed and rolled I formed it into the traditional round shape and let it rise.

a couple of hours later and out came a cake! I decorated it with a powdered sugar glaze and the colored sugar. I wonder who will get the baby? (or in this case the almond)

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