Wednesday, February 24, 2010

pizza first attempt and success!

Our fantastic bread maker has been used almost daily in the last 2 months making numerous loaves of bread and cake so it was time to try something different. I got home from work earlier than I thought I would today, so I decided I would try making homemade pizza.

After the dough was done in the bread maker, I let it rest on the floured counter for 15 min. I then rolled it out into a circle and let it rise for 20 min. I had trouble transferring it to the pizza stone, but after a few failed attempts (holes in the dough) I was able to form it and top it with marinara with bell peppers, homemade ricotta, and shredded mozzarella cheese. It baked for 18 min at 425 and turned out browned and delicious. It was so good I burned my tongue because I couldn't get enough.

Definitely more pizza to come!

Update: 3/10
We made pizza again using the bread maker and split the dough for a thinner crust. The first pizza was small, but the second was about the same size as the one above. Two pizzas filled us both up!

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