Wednesday, October 14, 2009


I am often stricken with migraines from being a woman. Today is one of those days (worse because it also made me nauseous.) I had to stay home and sleep it off, which is often the only remedy. This poses several problems. I also called off work Monday because my husband was sick. I am having this argument in my head. "Two sick days in one week is not so great," says one side. "You never call off so they know that this is just one of those serious situations," says the other. Reading them now, I guess that both can be right. I just makes me wonder if I had gone to work today, would I be better or worse at this moment. I would probably be worse. There. I answered my own question.

October is my favorite month. The leaves, the cold weather, camping, hiking...all of these things invoke some deep emotion within me. I feel childlike and grown up at the same time. I want to play in the leaves and ponder the closing chapters in my life. The summer season of my wedding is over and it is now fall.

My husband and I wanted to get married in October. Frankly, if we had the balls to just do it last year we probably would have, and had our families after us for the rest of our lives, too. We didn't elope. We also didn't wait until our favorite month to get married. There is a little part inside of me that is sad that we didn't wait. We went to a wedding this weekend and that little part came to the surface. DJ and I had a fall wedding in June instead.

So we are going to take a vacation (a second honeymoon if you will.) Camping when the leaves are turning, when the nights are cold so you have to snuggle. good times.

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