Wednesday, June 20, 2012

box set

Ever wonder how your beautiful vinyl box set was assembled? No, neither did I until I volunteered to help. Yesterday and today a bunch of friends lent a helping hand to mewithoutyou et. all to get their limited addition box sets together. I  folded posters, and stuffed 7 inch vinyl into their special sleeves. If you got one of these puppies you will not be disappointed! And plus they were assembled with love! Here are some of my crappy shots of the happy helpers.

End of the line...packing the extras and boxing them up.

The guys signing posters. 

tops just waiting to be reunited with their bottoms

The assembly line was more of a U shape.
One thing I gotta say is that I am so glad we had air conditioning! The Philly heat today is over 100 degrees! If you haven't heard their new album Ten Stories order it or get a listen on spotify.

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