Monday, June 25, 2012


I want to explain how wonderful my husband is...

We live in a building with 6 apartments and the one below us was vacant for about a month. Last week a guy moved in and that stirred up things a little bit. Mainly, two mice decided that they would move from the now occupied kitchen to our kitchen. We tightened ship and made sure that all of our food was in containers, but they did not get the hint. This is where the heroism comes in.  He and I both love and hate to use glue traps. They are the most effective way of catching, but do not kill the mice. DJ disposed of the glue trapped mice with bravery. I am thankful every day that I married this man, and this was just another reason to remind me of that fact. 

update: DJ disposed of another mouse today. Seriously, this man is wonderful. Thank you, DJ, for these three glorious years!

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