Saturday, October 6, 2012


Have you ever been to Sketch Burger, my Philly Friends? DJ and I were debating on where we should have dinner in Leotah's Place yesterday and decided on this joint. Our friend sitting nearby had never been, so I am going to tout its awesomeness.

First, it has great food, not just burgers.

Second, it has yummy deserts and ice cream. DJ and I have our favorite milkshake there: coconut & peanut butter!

Third, they have many vegan/vegetarian options. No really they do, even their treats!

Fourth, you get to decorate the place with your sketches. Here is mine from last year that is still on display by the drink fridge.

yes we came here for our anniversary
So needless to say, you should check this place out. End of plug.

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